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Welcome to David Pollard's Structural Geology website

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The main menu link "QSG Textbook" leads to materials about the undergraduate textbook Structural Geology: A Quantitative Introduction by David Pollard and Steve Martel published in 2020.

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Professor Pollard was honored to receive the Wollaston Medal for 2021 from the Geological Society of London. This is the Society’s highest career award. To read more about the Wollaston Medal and Awards Ceremony go to the main menu link "People".

Teaching materials for the textbook Fundamentals of Structural Geology (FSG) were moved from this website to the Cambridge University Press website in December 2021. Find the link to download these materials using the main menu link "FSG Textbook".

Professor Pollard retired on September 30, 2016 and his status changed to Professor Emeritus. While no longer mentoring graduate students or supporting postdocs, he is pursuing personal research interests and updating his two textbooks.

Siccar Point

In The Spotlight

This photograph, taken by Iain Stewart of Plymouth University, is on the cover of the textbook Structural Geology - A Quantitative Introduction by David Pollard and Steve Martel and published by Cambridge University Press in 2020. This outcrop at Siccar Point, Scotland, was described by James Hutton in 1788. It exposes vertical Silurian strata overlain by a basal conglomerate and gently inclined Devonian strata. The angular unconformity represents a 65 Ma hiatus in geologic time. Go to the main menu link "FSG Textbook" at the top of this page to read more about the book.