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Part I: the scope of structural geology

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Part 1 includes Chapter 1, which summarizes the scope of structural geology by addressing the following questions:

  • What forces cause deformation in Earth’s lithosphere and asthenosphere?
  • What are the three major mechanical styles for this deformation?
  • What five broad categories of geologic structures result from this deformation?
  • What is the methodology for analyzing and understanding these geologic structures?
Part I convection traction

Forces causing deformation in Earth's lithosphere and asthenosphere.

Schematic (not to scale) conceptual model of convecting asthenosphere and overlying lithosphere from one of the classic papers on crustal deformation. Closed curves parallel to velocity vectors (black) are flow lines for convection cells driven by body forces. Discrete arrows (red) are normal and shear tractions (surface forces per unit area) acting on the base of lithosphere and causing deformation within the lithosphere. Modified from Hafner, 1951.