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Structural Geology: A Quantitative Introduction

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The new textbook by David Pollard and Steve Martel was published by Cambridge University Press in July 2020. It approaches structural geology quantitatively, using calculus and mechanics, and prepares students to interface with geophysicists and engineers who appreciate and utilize the same tools and computational methods to solve multidisciplinary problems. The textbook is divided in four parts that are summarized on the pages linked at the left.

Using this textbook, students learn how to quantify field data, set up mathematical models for the formation of structures, and compare model results to field observations. An extensive online package of laboratory exercises enables students to consolidate their learning and put it into practice by analyzing structural data and building insightful models. Designed for single-semester undergraduate courses, this textbook helps to prepare students for graduates studies and professional careers. The publisher's website for this book is found at: