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Fundamentals of Structural Geology

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The web pages for the textbook Fundamentals of Structural Geology provide the following supplementary materials for readers, instructors, and students:

  • Full color images of all outcrop photographs and key graphical figures;
  • Supplementary outcrop photographs, maps, and cross sections;
  • Exercises for students that reinforce the concepts introduced in the text;
  • Data sets from field mapping campaigns for use in the exercises;
  • Solutions to the exercises; and
  • Sample MatLab scripts (m-files) for recreation of graphical figures;

Most of the supplementary material is found in the main section entitled Chapters. Each of 12 chapter web pages has links to subsidiary pages entitled: Chapter Figures, Chapter Scripts, and Chapter Exercises. With a laptop connected to the Web and an LCD projector in the classroom instructors can use the images in Chapter Figures to illustrate geological concepts. Instructors and students can run the MatLab scripts (downloaded as text or m-files from Chapter Scripts) for dynamic visualization of the geometrical and mechanical concepts. Printable copies of the exercises and solutions may be downloaded as pdf or doc files from Chapter Exercises.

Rock outcrop