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Fundamentals of Structural Geology

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Teaching materials for the FSG Textbook were moved from this website to the Cambridge University Press website in December 2021. There you will find the following supplementary materials for students and instructors:

  • Sample MatLab scripts (m-files) for recreating the graphical figures in the textbook;
  • Exercises for students that reinforce the concepts introduced in the textbook;
  • Full color images of photographs and graphical figures from the textbook for classroom use;
  • Solutions to the exercises for instructors.

Use the following link to leave Professor Pollard's website and gain access to these materials under the Resources tab on the Cambridge website:

Links on the left of this page take you to the textbook Preface, summaries of each Chapter and its exercises, the textbook Errata, and information About the book, the authors, and the acknowledgements.