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Graduate Students

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Solomon Seyum, PhD Candidate

Meredith Townsend, PhD Candidate


Josie Nevitt, PhD

Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Dissertation: Fault-related deformation within the brittle-ductile transition: field observations, microstructural analysis and mechanical modeling


Elizabeth Macklin Ritz, PhD

Hess, Houston, TX

Dissertation: Mechanical behavior of non-planar faults: numerical experiments and field observations


Elizabeth Hale Madden, PhD

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

Dissertation: Integrating geological and geophysical data to study the mechanics of multifault earthquakes with reference to the 1992 M 7.3 Landers, California earthquake


Peter James Lovely, PhD

Chevron, Houston, TX

Dissertation: Fault-related deformation over geologic time: integrating field observations, high resolution geospatial data and numerical modeling to investigate 3D geometry and non-linear material behavior


J. Ole Kaven, PhD

USGS, Menlo Park, CA

Dissertation: Geometry and mechanics of three-dimensional faults: implications for slip, aftershocks, and paleostress


William Ashley Griffith, PhD

University of Texas, Arlington, TX

Dissertation: Field, laboratory, and theoretical investigations of fault rupture dynamics


Ian Weston Mynatt, PhD (Deceased)

Dissertation: Geometric, kinematic and mechanical analyses of faulting, folding and fracturing at Raplee Ridge, UT


Pablo F. Sanz Rehermann, PhD

Exxon, Houston, TX

Dissertation: Modeling rock folding with large deformation frictional contact mechanics


Patricia E. Fiore, PhD

ConocoPhillips, Houston, TX

Dissertation: 3D characterization and mechanics of brittle deformation in thrust fault related folds


Kurt Richard Sternlof, PhD

MIT, Boston, MA

Dissertation: Structural geology, propagation mechanics and hydraulic effects of compaction bands in sandstone


Philip G. Resor, PhD

Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

Dissertation: Deformation associated with continental normal faults (pdf)


Stephan Bergbauer, PhD

BP Exploration, Aberdeen, UK

Dissertation: The use of curvature for the analyses of folding and fracturing with application to the Emigrant Gap Anticline, Wyoming


Scott Sandrus Young, PhD

StatoilHydro, Norway

Dissertation: Geometry and mechanics of normal faults with emphasis on 3D seismic data, conjugate faults, and the effects of sedimentary layering


Wenbing Zhang, MS

Daimler-Chrysler Corp., Santa Clara, CA

Dissertation: A method and program for quantitative description of fracture data and fracture data extrapolation from scanline or wellbore data


Taixu Bai, PhD

Shell International Exploration and Production, Inc., Houston, TX

Dissertation: Spacing and aperture of opening-mode fractures in layered materials


Laurent Maerten, PhD

Igeoss, Montpellier, France

Dissertation: Mechanical interaction of intersecting normal faults: theory, field examples and applications


William Lansing Taylor, PhD

____________________, Houston, TX

Dissertation: Fluid flow and chemical alteration in fractured sandstone



Juliet Crider, PhD

University of Washington, Seattle, WA

 Dissertation: Mechanical interaction among normal faults: a numerical, field and seismological investigation


Simon Kattenhorn, PhD


Dissertation: A 3D mechanical analysis of normal fault evolution and joint development in perturbed stress fields around normal faults


Michele Lynn Cooke, PhD

University of Massachusetts-Amherst, MA

Dissertation: Frictional slip and fractures associated with faults and folds


Emanuel J. M. Willemse, PhD

Shell International Exploration and Production, _________

Dissertation: 3D mechanics and evolution of discontinuous faults


J. Ramón Arrowsmith, PhD

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Dissertation: Coupled tectonic deformation and geomorphic degradation along the San Andreas fault system [1995]


Peter Putnam Christiansen, PhD

San Mateo, CA

Dissertation: Faulting and hydrothermal processes in a granitic batholith


Joshua Roering, MS

University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Dissertation: Near-surface and secondary deformation associated with blind thrust faults


Marco Antonellini, PhD

University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy

Dissertation: Structural and fluid flow properties of faults in porous sandstones


Pauline N. Mollema, MS

University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy

Dissertation: The influence of structural position and lithology on the fracture distribution in the East Kaibab monocline, SE Utah: implications for fluid flow properties


Haiqing Wu, PhD

Chevron Corporation, ______, China

Dissertation: A model study of fracture generation in layered brittle rocks with applications to predicting subsurface fracture networks


Roland Bürgmann, PhD

University of California, Berkeley, CA

Dissertation: Deformation associated with discontinuities along strike-slip faults


Carl Edward Renshaw, PhD

Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

Dissertation: Modeling fluid migration through physically-based fracture networks


Andrew Lyle Thomas, MS

Seattle, Washington

Dissertation:  Poly3D : a three-dimensional, polygonal element, displacement discontinuity boundary element computer program with applications to fractures, faults, and cavities in the Earth's crust


Sarah Dawn Saltzer, PhD

Chevron Corporation, San Ramon, CA

Dissertation: Numerical modeling of crustal scale faulting using the distinct and boundary element methods


Peter Wallmann, PhD (deceased)

Dissertation: Structure and subsurface vent geometry of the Novarupta basin, Valley of the Ten Thousand Smokes, Katmai National Park, Alaska


Scott Zeller, MS


Dissertation: A numerical model for examining the evolution of fracture distributions in layered rock, with a note on boundary conditions


Jon Edward Olson, PhD

University of Texas, Austin, TX

Dissertation: Fracture mechanics analysis of joints and veins


Larry Garver Mastin, PhD

U.S.G.S., Cascade Volcano Observatory, Vancouver, WA

Dissertation: Stress, surface deformation, and phreatic eruptions above a shallow dike, Inyo Craters, Long Valley Caldera, California


Allan M. Rubin, PhD

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

Dissertation: Dike propagation and crustal deformation in volcanic rift zones


Stephen Joseph Martel, PhD

University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI 

Dissertation: Development of strike-slip fault zones in granitic rock, Mount Abbot quadrangle, Sierra Nevada, California